Political Campaign Management

Studio Driven, LLC. offers development and management services for public figures and candidates who are seeking political office. When running for public office, there is a multitude of facets involved in a campaign that require a diligent, creative, and connected campaign staff. Our team will help build your platform and execute an effective campaign for any level of government including School Board, Sheriff, Judge, City, County, State, Congress, and U.S. President.

For political candidates, we offer such services as:

  • Design your campaign image including logo, theme song, internet presence including campaign website with social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to raise awareness for the candidate’s campaign and platform.
  • Working closely with the candidate to help build cornerstone of platform, develop a strategy for winning, manage campaign deadlines, provide creative input when branding/creating image, facilitate campaign filing processes, etc.
  • Acting as campaign committee officers to ensure proper administrative structure and execution of endeavors, so that the candidate can focus on raising money, attending events, and speaking on issues.
  • Physical groundwork in promoting candidate by way of canvassing, phone banking, distributing signage, scouting out possible constituents, marketing, etc.
  • Providing corporate location for campaign headquarters and to manage volunteer and staff efforts.

To find out more, call 770-708-8499 or fill out the form on our contact page to send us an email.