Introducing the Studio Driven Team


Team Members

Benjamin Norman
Benjamin Norman

Benjamin is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  Since 1996, he has made a career in business consulting, web & database development, marketing, and event planning leading to passionate connections in the local technology, film, television, music and digital entertainment industries.  Starting in 2018, Benjamin ventured into real estate investing as a new segment of diversification.  His approach has been simple, yet effective: apply high quality standards, a caring nature, and attention to detail that has distinguished his work in the marketing/web development industries for 25+ years.

Tony MX
Sidney Peterson

Sidney has vast knowledge of marketing having worked with both small businesses and clients in the entertainment industry (film, video, music). Sidney is an award-winning film producer.  He has worked with a wide variety of talent from A-List actors to Grammy award-winning artists.

When it's time to dispatch the crew for any project, Sidney is first on the scene to determine what's needed and he is the last one on set to make sure everything goes as smoothly as planned. As a veteran in the entertainment industry, he brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and business contacts. Sidney's humor and willingness to dive head-first into every project keeps things fresh and flowing.

Will "Warp" Norman

A young dancer/entrepreneur, James Norman is the current project manager at Studio Driven. He has worked on several website design/website management portfolios as well as business coaching projects. Having 3+years experience in management, entrepreneurship, website design, and performing/entertainment gives him the skills necessary for project development. He is an adapt problem solver, skilled at planning and execution, and and all around business savvy and people oriented individual.

James Norman, aka. Will, aka. Warp; is also a talented performer/competitor and the Performance Director for Studio Driven. He dreams of one day becoming a international level dance competitor and business owner. Until then, he currently teaches multiple dance/dance fitness classes around the Atlanta area.

Vaclav Irkho
Vaclav Irkho



The StudioDRIVEN team has provided marketing, consulting services, business coaching, event planning, promotions, and website development since 1995 to music artists, actors, entertainers of all genres, small business clients, nightclubs, and charities.

Why are we are so DRIVEN?  We feel great satisfaction when we help DRIVE your business to the next level of success.